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One child at a time  we can fight the #1 KILLER in America !  Today HEART DISEASE remains the #1 Killer in the United States.  If we don't start with our youth , we are doomed. 

The only girl on her flag football team, and proud of it. 

Sophia is full of life and her love of sports is perfect to keep her active. 

  "Determined to reduce her cholesterol levels and beat the odds of heart disease" 
At the young age of only 5 ,Sophia Gonzalez my niece was diagnosed with High Cholesterol.

She saw the scars I bear on my body and was clearly frightened.  She still asked
 "What happen to you?" I told her the truth and explained what heart disease was and how she can fight it.

Her spirit and will to stay active with no, care or concern for what others may think or say has, inspired me and I know in my heart ,she will break this barrier of heart disease that runs in our family